Why I use all-Inkl.com

This blog and my other domains are hosted with all-inkl.com. In this short post I want to explain why.

Who is all-inkl.com

The company all-inkl.com is a Germany-based web hosting service, located in Saxony. They also offer domains and server.
They serve Germany and the EU. So if you’re located anywhere in the EU pretty much, you can choose all-inkl as you’re web-provider or server-infrastructure.

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Why I chose all-inkl.com

Why did I choose them? Well, it is simple to explain: I wanted a fair, Germany-based company with quality offers for a good price. And I think all-inkl fits that perfectly.
Additionally I have never had any problems with their software, backend, or support team.

All their servers are also based in Germany under German law and run on 100% green power (Ökostrom) which is certainly a plus.


I believe all-inkl.com has a very great price offering. I use the most basic web hosting product, called „privat“.
It’s 4,95 € / month (German taxes included) and you actually get 3 free domains with a number of possible endings like „.de, .com, .org, .net“ etc.

Also 50 GB storage, 150 subdomains, PHP, and 5 databases.
If you want more go to „privatplus“ which gives you 5 domains for 7,95 € / month with 100 GB storage, 250 subdomains, 25 databases and more.

From that you can go to 10 domains for 9,95€ / month and up to their business offering with 20 domains for 24,95 € / month.

That is awesome quality for the price in my opinion. You also get a secure hosting company with great support and a nicely done backend that supports 1-click-installation of WordPress for example and an easy-to-add free SSL-certificate with „Let’s Encrypt“.


The only thing I am not too fond of with all-inkl.com and that is really minor and totally not important for the service you’re getting… that is the design of their webpage and backend. It’s not the most eye-catching, also not the most up-to-date. But it works. And that’s what is important.

So if you’re in need for a great hosting company in Germany or the EU, check out all-inkl.com! You won’t be disappointed.

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