I did NOT switch to Gmail

No, I didn’t switch from iCloud Mail to Gmail.
I just described how I streamlined my accounts to be more mindful of the number of accounts during my journey to digital minimalism. You can read about my digital spring cleaning here.

And I was asking myself about switching my productivity apps in my last post. But I did not.

iCloud Mail

I have used iCloud Mail for the last years. And while I’ve been mostly happy with my Apple devices and the majority of the Apple services I used, I had problems with Apple Mail and iCloud. iCloud Mail and the Apple mail apps on Mac and iPhone never seemed to be perfect when it comes to synchronising emails. I often had unread mails on my phone although I had already read them and marked them as read on my Mac. That is bugging me. I also use a few mail addresses from different providers. I forward them to my iCloud Mail address but I couldn’t answer from that original mail address. That is something that Gmail is perfect for. So I thought about switching. And I actually tried to see if I like it better.


Gmail app icon on a phone

So I revived my Gmail account. I imported all my mails from iCloud mail to Gmail. Very easy and handy to do within the Gmail preferences. I forwarded all my mail to the Gmail address and added all other email accounts as aliases to Gmail which allows me to answer with the account the mail originally came to. All without leaving Gmail.

I also don’t mind to use Gmail as a web app (just on the website) rather than in a dedicated desktop app. Since Google doesn’t offer one anyways. If you need one though I can recommend Airmail. It works nicely with Gmail and Mac.

On my iPhone I, of course, use the Gmail app. And that works very nice. Also pretty nice with my Apple Watch as well. No problems there.

What I actually found to be a small issue was Gmails spam filter. For some reason a lot of mails that were clearly not spam ended up in spam. Never had that issue with iCloud mail. I don’t know if that was only a temporary thing or some setup issue, but it was weird.

So I tried switching. And while I like Gmail and how the setup works. I think I will stay with iCloud mail for now. I just prefer Apple’s take on privacy. What I will continue thinking about though is maybe using another mail app on Mac and iPhone instead of Apple’s own mail app. But I’ll update on that later…

Take care!

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