I am struggling with productivity apps

I just recently described how I reduced my digital clutter with a digital spring cleaning routine. This was part of my journey into digital minimalism.

While doing that I also simplified my productivity app setup. What does that mean? Well, I used a whole lot of apps and services for various tasks and I wanted to streamline that firstly, and secondly I wanted to (ideally) have everything I needed set up with one service provider, only using one eco-system.

Productivity apps

Naturally I leaned towards the Apple eco-system since every device I use is an Apple device. And while this is great – I like the Apple devices – Apples services are somehow not that great sometimes. So I am struggling now. I don’t know whether to keep going with this all-Apple system or change that to Google, for example, which I had used before that. Google services generally work great, the only downside for me is all the data Google is collecting with their free services. But there is still a simplicity and beauty about just having everything within the Google eco-system on the web and mobile. Like Gmail, Google Keep, Google Calendar, And Google Drive. And even Google Photos.

But I am not sure. What do you think?

gmail app on mac

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