iOS Icon Pack Donnie Darko

DONNIE DARKO is an icon pack for iOS. With over 70 icons for your home screen & dock. With this you’ll get a dark mode wallpaper that magically hides the dock, the calendar widget background, and the background squares of all app icons. This way you can create a very minimal, cool looking home screen. This only works with the included wallpapers and iOS dark mode turned on all the time. A version for light mode is coming soon!

You’ll find all my icon packs for FREE on Gumroad here. But as you may or may not know similar icon packs like these typically sell for 10 – 30 dollars on Gumroad and other shops. With this said it would mean the world to us if you donated a small amount to the work that went into the icons. You can do that directly on Gumroad. By putting in an amount of 3$ or more (or you’re currency) on any of my icon packs you will get this one “Donnie Darko” as a thank you afterward. This icon pack is not available otherwise.

Quick note 

Please remember that these icons are free for personal use only. If you want to use them for a project, contact me at

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Last but not least if you create a cool home screen with these icons please show me! Post a pic on Instagram and tag me @_burkr.
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Requirements: iOS 14 or higher, Shortcuts App, Files App
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