Digital spring cleaning

A few years back I started a huge project which I called digital spring cleaning. What that meant to me is the topic of todays post.

What is digital spring cleaning

It is probably largely self explanatory, but in case it isn’t here’s the gist of it:
I wanted to get all my digital crap in order essentially. I’ve never been a digital messy (nice new term). I’ve always kept my digital life rather organized. There were a few things I wanted to get in order though.

Creative Mess picture of digital spring cleaning number 2

I’ve already outlined the term digital minimalism and what it means to me in my last post here.

The beginning

What I actually started with in this huge project of spring cleaning was my magnitude of paper documents I had lying around the house in somewhat organized matter. I wanted to firstly get those organized correctly and at the same time secondly scan them to have them available online at all times.

picture of huge folders with papers for digital spring cleaning

So that’s what I started with. I scanned all the files from all those big old folders. If you’re interested: I used a ScanSnap to have fast and efficient scanning. I really recommend something like the ScanSnap although it is a little pricey. A cheaper alternative would be this Epson but I haven’t used it so I can’t talk about its capabilities specifically.

While doing the scanning I organized the most important documents properly by category. The rest I actually threw away. And that was a hack of a lot. Most of those were actually only copies anyways. I’ve mostly kept only originals with a signature.

So I got rid of a huge load of files. While still having them available digitally in the cloud and on two hard drives (I gave two of my favorite in the last post, this one and this one. Now I only have one folder of papers left.

The real digital spring cleaning starts

Now the first part with the files wasn’t actually the thing I wanted to do when thinking about digital minimalism and digital spring cleaning. What I really wanted to focus on was my huge amount of social accounts, log-ins, services, and all that.
It had gotten a bit out of hand over the preceding years.

In the end I actually deleted most of my social media accounts, a few mail accounts, many apps from Laptop and phone, and a hack lot of digital crap on my devices.

But let’s dive into this completely in part 2

Take care!

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