Best Newsletter Platform in 2021 - Foto von Anna Nekrashevich von Pexels

Newsletters are all the rage right now. You might call them email lists or mailing lists. It’s all the same. A place to gain a loyal audience for your writing.

But what’s the best place to create one?

We’ve all been hearing about ConvertKitSubstack, or Mailchimp. Three good choices.

I think there are better ones out there though. My list of platforms to try include:

  1. Buttondown: it’s a unique platform with a great free plan, many options, an easy-to-use interface, and more. It looks great too.
  2. Revue: the perfect alternative for Substack. It offers more features, is free, easy to use, and powerful with its integrations, forms, and cross-publishing support.
  3. Letterdrop: a platform with a host of features. A good fit for ConvertKit users. Offers a lot.

What’s your platform of choice?


I was surprised by this list. Even though I have considered starting a newsletter, I have never heard of any of these platforms. This intrigues me though because the platforms I found on my own did not appeal to me. This was helpful in my research. Nice work, Burk!

Funnily enough, I still went with Substack now. Because there’s one feature that stood out to me with Substack and that’s its internal discover feature. Which makes it more likely that people find your newsletter without even visiting your site or blogs etc.

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