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Gmail aliases on Apple’s iOS mail app

I’ve seen this problem a few times. I’d like to explain how to use the “Send Mail As” feature in Gmail on an iOS device with Apple’s mail app. 

Gmail’s “Send Mail As”

If you don’t know the “Send Mail As” function in Gmail, here’s a quick intro: 
“Send Mail As” offers Gmail users the opportunity to manage all their other email accounts via Gmail. The first step is forwarding all emails to the Gmail address, i.e. an iCloud address such as would be forwarded to the Gmail If I now want to reply to a message addressed to, my reply address would always be But I would rather use the same email address, i.e., as the reply address. This is where “Send Mail As” comes into play. In the settings of the Gmail web app, you can use the iCloud address as an alias for the “Send Mail As” function. Afterward, you can reply with this iCloud address without using iCloud itself.
This function is very handy. For example, I have 7 email addresses, all forwarded to Gmail, those 7 are also available as Gmail alias addresses for “Send Mail As”, therefore I can reply at any time with the email address to which the message was originally sent (prior to forwarding).
All this works fantastically in the Gmail web app, the Gmail app on Android or Gmail on iOS, but what if I prefer to use Apple’s Mail app with my Gmail account on iOS. Then “Send Mail As” is no longer available to me. But don’t panic, a few simple steps will get you there.

Setup of the iOS mail app for Gmail aliases addresses

Setting up a Gmail account in iOS is relatively easy. In the Apple Settings app, you can select Google under the Email, Contacts, Calendar > Account section. But here’s the first important step. Instead of selecting “Google” from the list, you have to tap “Other” here.

On the following screen, the setup continues as usual: You enter your data — it is important to always enter the full Gmail address including as your user name. In addition, there is the password for your account (for Google, an application-specific password or “app password” must be created). 

On the next page you must then specify the IMAP and SMTP configuration for Google and username and password again. You will then be asked to specify “Mail” and/or “Notes” for synchronization. Personally, I only select “Mail”.

Tip: If you want to synchronize calendars via Google in addition to mail and notes, you would have to add another Google account and only select calendars.

Once these steps are complete, we come to the most important part of this tutorial: the “Send Mail As” or “Alias” function. You are back in the settings under “Email, Contact, Calendar” and tap your just created Gmail account. Next, you tap “Account”. Select the item “Email”, where your Gmail address is now located. This will take you to the “Alias” menu. At this point you can specify all your alias email addresses. To use them with Gmail’s “Send Mail As”, they must be specified as an alias in the Gmail settings on the web.

If you have specified numerous alternative email addresses to your Gmail address, the check mark next to one of these email addresses indicates the default. Of course, this does not have to be your Gmail address. It can be anyone from the list you created. For example, I use all my 7 email addresses as aliases via Gmail, but send my (personal) messages by default via a address.


There you have it: With these steps, you’re able to use your Gmail alias addresses and the “Send Mail As” function with Apple’s iOS mail app. In addition, a lot of other alias addresses can be specified, for example for Microsoft accounts, etc.
As mentioned above, “Other” must be selected in order to use these functions. As a result, you have to set up your Google calendar separately. Not a big deal.


I love Gmail because it has so many great features, yet there is so much I do not know about it. This post was really helpful. I had no idea what the “send mail as” feature does until I read this. I appreciate you sharing this and explaining it so thoroughly. Well done!

I’m actually not a gmail user anymore. I use iCloud now. But Gmail has amazing features. I used it at work still.

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