Amazon Prime Free Trial #stayathome

Well, these are strange times… A lot of people stay home due to the corona virus pandemic. #stayathome has become a popular hashtag. In those times we always watch TV shows on once our kids went to bed.

So let me offer you a quick little promotion: If you haven’t already, try Prime Video out via this Amazon Prime free trial here.

Try Amazon Prime Video for 30 days and watch all the great movies and TV shows you can.

We actually don’t just have Amazon Prime but also Netflix. And we’re switching between the two constantly. A lot of great shows have come out the past few years on both services. You won’t get bored during those 30 days, trust me.

And if you’re a student, here is a special link for you as well. With this you’ll actually get a 6 month free trial!

What you can also do, is try the Amazon Channels. We have a link for this as well here. On those channels you get even more content for which you would normally have to pay. But with this link you can try those out as well.

So many options for boring nights during these times.

Amazon Prime
Amazon Prime Student
Amazon Prime Channels

Of course, this all is just entertainment. More importantly make sure you stay home, stay well and healthy, and let’s hope that all will be over soon!

Take care!

*The links above are affiliate links

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